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Full Scale Home Transformations

Our approach to full-scale home renovations is built on delivering luxurious comprehensive transformations that bring to life the vision of what homes can become. We transform old, dated, and less-functional rooms into stylish, modern spaces that are built for living, providing our clients with comfort and satisfaction that will last for years.

Pineapple Homes is a luxury home renovation company in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, and across Ontario

Why Choose Pineapple Homes

With an emphasis on partnership, we focus on your goals and personal style, ensuring a seamless integration within the existing architecture of the home. Our dedicated team delivers an unparalleled attention to detail, elevating your existing space to reach its highest potential.

With a commitment to quality work backed by our double-layer Pineapple Homes Warranty Program, we create beautiful and functional living spaces through a refined process that ensures our clients are at ease through every stage of their project.

At Pineapple, protection and quality are guaranteed. Our industry-leading warranty is double-layer, ensuring all material and workmanship is backed not only by your trusted Pineapple Franchisee, but also by Pineapple Corporation Ltd for an additional layer of security.

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Pineapple Homes is a luxury home renovation contractor in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, and across Ontario

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